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Many people may not be aware that the training continues, following the award of Shodan or 1st Dan Black Belt. This is really only a relatively short way into the Karate journey. At Shodan stage, I believe that one has what may be referred too as the ‘alphabet’ from which the words are formed and sights are set on preparing for Nidan or 2nd Dan. The Nidan Grading can not be considered until a further two years training has been successfully completed. The Sandan or 3rd Dan Grading potentially follows after a further three years successful training……..and so it continues. Each ‘Dan’ or level, has its own unique ‘Demands’ or requirements, for example, the Grading to Sandan is predominantly a teaching examination, in which the physical elements can last up to four hours. It includes all aspects of the art, Kihon, (Basics), Kata, (Form) and Kumite, (Sparring) in addition to the written test papers. The Grades that follow can not be attempted until the correct number of years training, related to the grade have been successfully completed, for example, a further four years to Yondan, (4th Dan).

It is hoped that you will appreciated the dedication and quality of both our Junior and Senior Instructors.

William – a very worthy Junior Shodan winner! Well Done!

Jude – a worthy JuniorĀ  Shodan!

Sensei Russ – a very worthy Sandan and a wonderful Instructor!

Sensei Masaya – a very worthy Sandan and multi medal winner and a fantastic instructor!

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