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We are both delighted and proud to announce that two members of Teams Cambridge have gained their Duke of Edingburgh GOLD awards! These are simply fantastic achievements. Kathryn Bullough Sensei and Jo Whitehead Sensei initially received their prestegious awards in Cambridge and subsequently at Buckingham Palace, from his Royal Highness, The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

Here are the photographs which we have been granted permission to publish and further photographs of Jo Whitehead Sensei will follow.


Kathryn receiving her Gold Duke of Edingburgh Award Certificate

Kathryn Bullough Sensei at St James’ Palace – as we know her!

Kathryn and Jo Sensei’s Duke of Edingburgh Gold Award Group Photograph. Jo Sensei is 2nd from the right seated front row and Kathryn Sensei is 2nd from left, middle row.

Lewis Hamilton on Karate – on Facebook!

Many of you will know and many may not know that Lewis Hamilton, Formula One Motor Racing Champion trained in Shotokan Karate with our association. He was mainly under the wing of Paul Raymond Sensei (6th Dan) but many of us remember training with him. Our Founder and Chief Instructor Mike Nursey Hanshei is featured in Lewis’s first autobiography, in which hed pays tribute to his Karate training. I was privilaged to have his Father, Anthony, attend my Sandan Grading presentation. That looks like a pretty good Yoko Geri Kekomi to me and the Choko Zuki ie pretty cool as well! Enjoy!



The recent Kyu Gradings were held at the Stevenage Hombu in April and once again, Team Cambridge gained a 100% success rate! This pays testimony to the hard work which each of the club members put in brilliantly supported by the instructors. Well Done all!

Successful Grading Team Cambridge!





Joseph – joined the club quite recently and is now the proud winner of the Progress Sheild. Well Done Joseph!





Happy Graders and Happy Parnets

Aman a very worthy Trophy Winner!

Attendance Trophy Awarded

Team Cambridge ESKA introduced our Attendance Trophy in late 2017 to officially recognise the Spirit, Effort and Commitment of the individual Karate-ka who attended the greatest number of training sessions over the preceding 12 month period. Whilst many Karate-ka train with other clubs within the association, this award recognises the commitment to the Cambridge Dojo’s. In its first year, 2017, the Trophy was won by Catherine Groves. We are delighted to announce, that through her outstanding commitment, Catherine Grioves has once again been awarded the Attendance Trophy for 2018! Well Done!


Dojo Captains Appointed

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dojo Captains for our three Team Cambridge ESKA Dojo’s. Sempai’s Catherine Groves, Jude C and Stuart Shephard have each been promoted to Dojo Captain to cover Bar Hill, Cottenham and The Ley’s Dojo’s respectively. Theye are shown below with their certificates. Well done all!


AMA South East Championship Success!

Team Cambridge ESKA is delighted to announce that Masaya Yumeda Sensei Sandan (3rd Dan) one of the Club and Associations most eminent instructors, has achieved great success at this years South East AMA Championships, winning the Bronze Medal in the Veterans Kumite! Masaya Sensei was additionally awarded 4th place in the Veterans Kata category and 5th place in the Open Kata category. An excellent set of results in what are always very well populated events. Our congratulations Masaya Sensei!

December 2018 Grading and Awards

This was the final grading of another excellent success and completed our year in spectacular style! With yet another 100% pass rate, Team Cambridge ESKA has started 2019 with the presentations. Well Done all and here’s to a great 2019! Oss

The Grading Team!






NameGradeBelt Colour
Aaron10th Kyu
Ned8th KyuOrange
Alia8th KyuOrange
Aman8th Kyu Orange
Leo8th KyuOrange
Joseph8th KyuOrange
Martin 7th Kyu ShoYellow
Harry6th Kyu ShoGreen
Lucas6th KyuGreen/1 White
Wilfred4th Kyu ShoPurple/2 White Stripes
Charlie4th Kyu Purple/2 White Stripes/Brown Tag
Katie3rd Kyu ShoBrown
George3rd Kyu ShoBrown
Dylan3rd Kyu ShoBrown
Caitlin3rd KyuBrown/White Tab
Catherine2nd Kyu ShoBrown/1 White Stripe
Tommy2nd KyuBrown/2 White Stripes
Alex2nd KyuBrown/2 White Stripes
Johnny2nd Kyu Brown/2 White Stripes


First Aid Success

All of us in the English Shotokan Karate Association, place great emphasis on professional teaching, great effort in hard discipline and health and safety. In order to maintain our high standards, we regularly review and re-train in all aspects, including First Aid. Following a special course held last Monday evening at the association’s Hombu in Stevenage and organised by Sensei Tony Stones, Godan (5th Dan), Catherine Groves, (2nd Kyu Sho) and Jeff Rand Sensei were among 20 members of the association to successfully complete the latest of the Critical Response Training courses in First Aid. Well Done!

January 2019 Updates

January 2019 and Gold D of E awards!

Team Cambridge ESKA are now well and truly back into the training schedule and all set to make 2019 as successful, or even more successful than 2018, which was a great year for us! We have new members joining us and established club members preparing for their higher grade examinations, including both Intermediate and full Dan gradings – we therefore have much enjoyable work to do. Although the year has only just started, we have success to celebrate – Junior Shodan’s Joanna Whitehead and Kathryn Bullough have each gained their D of E, (Duke of Edinburgh) Gold award! This is a massive achievement for them and I am delighted to say that Team Cambridge Karate played a significant part in helping and supporting them to this supreme accolade. It is a great reflection on all those involved. Photographs of both Jo and Kathryn receiving their awards at Buckingham Palace with be posted as soon as we have permission.


Forever moving forward, we have introduced a new signing-in system, which has been created and introduced by Masaya Sensei, ably supported by Russell Sensei and Sempai Catherine. Each club member is now in possession of a Bar-coded ID badge which enables scanned registration and facilitates correlating the number of training sessions attended very easy. This is especially important when submitting grading applications as there are minimum numbers of training session which must be completed.

Grading success!

The Belts and Certificates have now been presented to all those who graded successfully in December – yet another 100% pass rate! Well done all! The photographs will be posted as soon as they have been gathered.

First Aid Course

On Monday 28th January, the association is holding the annual First Aid course, which is open to all. This is a vitally important part of our instructors qualifications and I am pleased to say that delegates from Team Cambridge are attending, including yours truly.