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December 2016 Grading Presentation

A great end to the year! Since the last grading Sensei Masaya Yumeda has gained his Sandan (3rd Dan) and everyone else had a brilliant grading day and I hope that you can all reflect on it and take the time to realise just how good you are. You have all, without exception, shown your ability, confidence and self-esteem in today’s gradings. Also Sensei Jeff Presented our 2 new Junior Shodans with black belts embroidered with theirs names.

The award for the Progress Shield goes to John and the Spirit Trophy to Dylan:


The results for the grading are as follows:

NameGradeBelt Colour
Wilf9th KyuRed
Jobi8th KyuOrange
Catherine7th KyuYellow
Katie7th Kyu ShoYellow
Stuart7th KyuYellow
Mani7th KyuYellow/1 White
Dylan7th KyuYellow/1 White
Chester6th KyuGreen
Jack6th KyuGreen/1 White
John6th KyuGreen/1 White
George5th Kyu ShoPurple
Tom4th KyuPurple/2 White/Brown Tag
Lewis3rd Kyu ShoBrown
Jun3rd Kyu ShoBrown
Ellie2nd Kyu ShoBrown/1 White
Camilla2nd KyuBrown/2 White

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