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September 2017 Grading Presentation

Another well done! This month’s grading was a huge success for our Cambridge Karate Club! Well done to all those who graded and my grateful thanks to all our Black Belts for their support in the run-up to the grading and especially Sensei‚Äôs Jo Potts, Masaya Yumeda and Sempai James Pawley, who came to Stevenage to supported us on Sunday.

The award for the Progress Shield goes to Harry and the Spirit Trophy to Catherine:

The results for the grading are as follows:

NameGradeBelt Colour
Harry9th KyuRed
Tim9th KyuRed
Grace8th KyuOrange
Katie6th KyuGreen/1 White
Catherine4th KyuPurple/1 White
Stuart4th KyuPurple/1 White
Chester4th KyuPurple/1 White
Caitlin4th Kyu ShoPurple/2 White
Tom3rd KyuBrown/White Tag
Rob2nd Kyu ShoBrown/1 White
WillIntermediate DanBrown/1 Black

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