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March 2018 Grading Presentation

Apologies for the delay, but here are the presentation photos and results from the March grading! Well done all!

The award for the Progress Shield goes to LucasĀ and the Spirit Trophy to Dylan:

The results for the grading are as follows:

NameGradeBelt Colour
Chris10th KyuBlue
Lucy8th KyuOrange
Wilf8th KyuOrange
Jobi7th KyuYellow
Mani6th Kyo ShoGreen
Dylan6th Kyo ShoGreen
Catherine6th KyuGreen
John5th Kyu ShoPurple
Lewis3rd Kyu ShoBrown
Alex3rd Kyu ShoBrown
Will1st KyuBrown/2 Red
Theo1st KyuBrown/2 Red

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