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ESKA 40th Anniversary


…..Oss Jeff

Many thanks for your kind words.

It’s instructors together with their students like you that make ESKA what it is today.

I’m very proud of all the things ESKA has achieved over the last 40 years with all the great instructors and students we have.

Thank you Hanshi Nursey for the ‘Thank you’. OSS.

Similar fantastic figures were presented to each of the senior club instructors in celebration of the associations 40th Anniversary. As Senior Instructors, we consider ourselves very fortunate and privileged to be in this position and if it were not for our club members and the instructors, who I consider are also recognised by this trophy, we would not be where we are.

So thank you all, especially Team Cambridge ESKA – this is for you. Oss.

Sempai Jude Crawley Shodan Presented with his certificate at the 40th Anniversary Christmas Diner, with Founder and Chief Instructor Hanshi Nursey 9th Dan and Shihan Gavin Paul 7th Dan

Sensei Russ McAlinden receiving his Sandan (3rd Dan) Certificate at the 40th Anniversary Christmas Diner with Hanshi Nursey 9th Dan, Founder and Chief Instructor and Shihan Gavin Paul 7th Dan.

A very surprised and Happy Jeff Sensei having been presented with his Chief Club Instructors Bronze figure, celebrating the 40th Anniversary.

Senior Club Instructor Trophy

Master Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan arrow-right
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