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A General Covid-19 Update post

Oss All,

Well, we’ve been in this lock-down for several weeks now and for many families, it has been very difficult. In terms of our Club, I believe that our virtual training sessions have been going very well and we will continue to develop them. Many of you have engaged with us and as a result, you have maintained or improved your health and fitness, further developing your Karate. Well done! This is a great team effort, which would not have been possible without your Instructors or the Seniors grades putting-in their time and commitment during these challenging times. We will continue to run and develop these sessions until further notice and I confirm the details below.

Additionally, our Association is running virtual sessions, on Mondays and Thursdays, to which you are all welcome – I know that many of you have been attending with great success.

Please remember that we are additionally posting training videos onto our Facebook page.

Let us keep this going so that we can all benefit.

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