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Hanshi Michael Randall MBE

We received sad news last week that Hanshi Michael Randall MBE (9th Dan) passed away.

Hanshi Randall was one of the founding members of our association back in 1979. He originally trained with Soke Kanazawa in the 1960’s and was one of the first Karate-ka in the UK to gain a Black Belt under Soke Kanazawa.

Hanshi Randall awarded our own Chief Instructor, Hanshi Michael Nursey (9th Dan) with his Shodan, (1st Dan Black Belt) back in 1970.

Hanshi Randall authored and was featured in several books, one of the most notable being, ‘The Shotokan Book of Facts’ which he co-authored with Hanshi Nursey and Dr Clive Layton.

Both Hanshi Nursey and Hanshi Randall are a key part of our lineage, as they inextricably link us to the UK origins of our art in the 1960’s. As further verification of our credibility, I among many others, have met and trained with both Soke Kanazawa and Hanshi Michael Randall.

Thank you Hanshi Randall for all your teachings. Oss.

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