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Traditional Shotokan Karate around Cambridge


Karate – Way of the empty hand


Martial Arts, our Shotokan Karate in particular can be many things to many people. It’s not simply about punching, kicking and fighting. Look back 100 or even 5000 years at its history and yes, we see fighting method that has been proven to be very effective. But look a little deeper at the Samurai for example and we see an education that teaches respect for other people, honor, understanding and self-respect. For us in the Cambridge Clubs, its about coming together with a common interest, fostering trust, building confidence and self-esteem and lasting friendships. Our physical exercise provides the education and training to improve health and overall well-being, which in turn promotes confidence and self-esteem.

We are passionate about helping people to improve and move forward on whichever path they choose to take. Testimony to this is our support of numerous Duke of Edinburgh awards two of which are Gold awarded to our club Black Belts.

We have club members from all walks of life, entire families and we are privileged to have several members of the Japanese community training with us. Our age range goes from 5 to over 60.

Most importantly, we have fun whilst learning the same time.

Why not come and join us for a free trial lesson and see for yourself?

Karate training can be likened to Ice melting.

When starting to train in Karate, the practitioner may be likened to a block of Ice. The movements are limited, solid and lack fluidity. While they may be strong in appearance, a strike can shatter the ridged exterior. As experienced is gained through practice and hard work, the Ice begins to melt and the moves, like water, begin to trickle, to flow. In time, experience, knowledge and awareness bring about such a change. Movements increase, become more flexible and fluid. The student is better able to adapt to their surroundings. Over time, the Ice melts and the water flows. 

Sensei JEFF RAND, 2014