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It is important for any organisation to understand its aims and objectives and be ready to listen to feedback. As a well-regarded club, being part of a highly respected association, we are very fortunate to gain feedback on our training form the other senior instructors, examiners and Hanshei Nursey, (9th Dan) Chief Instructor and Examiner, particularly following the gradings, which are conducted independently. However, we also take on-board the thoughts and comments from others and we are pleased to share just some of the feedback we have received:

Feedback which we have received over the Covid-19 period from March 2020:

December 2020

Oss Jeff, It was really wonderful speaking with you this morning and THANK YOU for taking the time to especially help Nilanshu prepare for his Dan Grading.

January 2021

Thank you for your email, I am keen to support the club any way I can moving forward and I am totally in tune with the vision that you engender within Cambridge ESKA. The online sessions are a lifeline………………..supporting my personal wellbeing both physical and mental………In this, I have always been evangelical about the spiritual, as well as physical benefits of Karate and am so pleased to have found a group of likeminded Karateka, with which to continue the “journey”. Also in relation to your general email today, I have invited Sensei……from Dunmow Eska to join our Tuesday session and hope that this is not breaching etiquette. Thank you again, look forward to tomorrows session

Oss Sensei, Thank you, I will be there, these sessions are a real lifeline and the content/mix is fantastic, with both a new focus on the Kihon and some more exotic stuff – eg. Sensei Matthews Kata on Saturday. Thanks again to yourself and the team for the consistent high standard and creativity, Oss, Geoff

Ben was hoping to grade at least once, but that was not to be in the last year. Still, I can tell that he has made good progress and he is still really enjoying karate and liking his Sensei-gata, which is great. Take care and stay safe. All the best, N for Ben

Oss Thank you Sensei Jeff —-Thanks Jeff. Your encouragement will mean a lot to N. SM

Thank you very much Jeff. We are looking forward to the session this evening. Thank you very much for the all of the encouragement. Regards B

Hopefully as training starts again normally he will pick it up again! Thank you so much for caring! T

Of course I knew you were doing nothing short of the absolute best you can. Thanks for keeping in touch as well.  All the very best Sensei! Best regards, BA

Take a good care of yourself and your loved ones. Will let you know how we are next week. Best wishes. Thank you for checking this with me! And really big Thank You and the team for organising the info so children can keep up with training and get some inspiration from others too!


Hello Jeff, Hope you’re keeping well and safe and we are very happy to do Tuesday as well. I want to thank all of the sensei’ for their hard work. Warmest regards B.

Already started the remote training – the ‘20 Push-up challenge’! Please take care and be healthy and well- keep Smiling all.

Jo Alexander Sensei

Good luck Jeff. Stay healthy and will see you in a few weeks for the first Hombu lesson back party 🎉!! 😁 Salooooooo Oss

Tony Stones Sensei

Hopefully you and the team can use this to have a good rest… you surely deserve one. Take care & stay safe.

Mrs M

Ben has really enjoyed his lessons so far and is very keen to carry on. It’s already made a big difference to his self-esteem. But in the scheme of things, the delay is a small price to pay for staying a little safer.
I do hope you, as well as all your colleagues and students, will get through the next few months without any significant health scares and I look forward to bringing Ben back to karate classes in due course.

Mrs S

Dear Jeff Sensei Thank you so much for the two videos, we look forward to more Warmest regards


Do you remember Eliza? I was wondering if you consider doing any online training whether Eliza (Almost 10!) and her brother Julian (8 years) would be able to join in from their isolation in our house in Melbourne? (Australia!)


Regarding the first on-line training session for the association: 

Thoroughly enjoyable and a really great idea to get some exercise, keep up the training, and stay safe: many thanks to Steve and the Instructors today, Paul, Jeff and Tony.

Ian Waters Sensei

Oss Sensei Jeff, Thank you so much for your excellent presentation I now feel part of the team at your service. I really enjoyed the ‘pairs’ work with Sensei Russell, he and your instructors are a special asset to you and your club, you have trained them well. All credit to you. Yours always with respect, A.

Sensei A

Thank you for an excellent year training under your tutelage with the Cottenham Shotokan Karate Club and to the Sensei’s. ‘Gata’.

Professor Paul D

Well done everyone. OSS

Matthew Sensei

Other feedback: 

What an experience for Max at the grading! After seeming a little nervous (maybe not so much as I was for him!) he settled in and really enjoyed it, hopefully it has given him the thirst for more – he certainly seems excited to do it again next time. Thank you for your support.


Jeff Sensei,  we all have to make our own path up the mountain, it’s really a pleasure yo met others on the way who support us and who we can support to. It has been my pleasure and honor to walk some of the path with you. Thank you for your encouragement and support…

Warwick G

Dear Sensei Jeff, Thank you and Clare so much for giving L and C the confidence and support, and for helping them achieve their first belts. Your patience and expertise are greatly appreciated and admired!

Maggie H

Hi Jeff Great that N got his belt. He’s is very pleased. A big thank you to you and the other instructors.

Peter K

OSS Sensei!
Website is looking really good Sensei!

Adah K

Thank you for giving L such a great lesson last night and making him feel welcome to the club. He was amazed! Thank you. Shiho

Shiho M

Dear Jeff
Thank you so much for grading W this morning and for giving such lovely feedback.

Sara LC

S, A and I, would like to thank you for the great teaching and positive example that you gave us through many months of very enjoyable training.

Marco G

Dear Jeff Sensei, Thank you so much for looking after E at the ESKA Competition yesterday. She told me she felt much better that you were with her and she really benefited from your coaching and care. She was so thrilled with the results and I can see it really adds to her personal confidence. Thank you again!

Siobhan N

Dear Jeff, Thank you again so much for looking after E and introducing her to karate in such a supportive and inspirational manner. She really found a home with your team and will really miss you in particular.

Siobhan N

Thank you for the great job you did at the grading yesterday.
Many thanks.

Hanshi Nursey

ESKA’s Cambridge Club has really helped us out tremendously. My Daughter and I have improved our fitness, confidence, agility, awareness, discipline and overall well being. We have made many friends and have had so much fun. The amount of knowledge we have attained is astounding. Every step of the journey keeps up learning and on our toes. Passing each grade brings a great sense of achievement. It’s been brilliant since day one and we look forward to what the future brings with ESKA’s Cambridge Club.

Robert and C

They are so excited about their new Gi, badge and, of course, the certs and belts! They really enjoy being part of this fab team! Kind Regards M


Thank you again for last night (presentation event) from Luarence and us. You’ve had a big impact on his life over the years, as a positive male role Model! Karate is the one thing ha’s stuck at consistently, I think he’ll miss that constant in his life. So thank you!

Diana B

Thank you for your understanding.
‘L’ has safe place to training karate. We’re very pleased

Brad and Shiho B

I believe in terms of infrastructure this club is in one of the best places we have been in since I joined, with so many good and willing senior grades all helping keep the club strong

M Yumeda Sensei

…Thanks again for getting L inspired about Karate. Much appreciated.

B and S

I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to train with you and your club. I now realise my other experience with Shotokan was not a genuine one. You can hide the truth from others, but not yourslef. The belt colour is not important to me. I just love the practice. My true love is Karate.

Andrew E

It’s been a pleasure joining the Cambridge club…..and I certainly hope my future Karate club can come close to the standards I’ve seen present here.

Michael B